Be the You God Created You to Be

This morning I was awakened by a clicking sound. I have heard it before but never so close and never been awaken by it. As I opened my eyes I see my cat desperately trying to get to the window. I pulled the string to open the shade for her and there I see a singing Cardinal. There it was sitting on the banister just singing and flickering its’ wings. How beautiful and perfectly created it was. It seemed to not care about its audience; just did what came naturally. It didn’t hide any aspect of itself to please anyone. My approval was not needed for this little creature to sing proudly.

Admiring it, I remembered a scripture I read earlier this week: Mathew 5:5: “You’re blessed when you’re content with just who you are—no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought.” (MSG) WOW! This really hit me with great joy! I don’t need anything external to be happy. This is another scripture that says that WE as God’s creation have been given all that we need to be happy. We just need to embrace who we are, and use our gifts for the Kingdom.

I can’t help but think about Christians within the LGBT community. We are definitely a peculiar bunch. “Christian Gays” to conservative Christians this is an oxymoron. How can we say we are Christians if we are gay? Recently an NBA athlete announced that he was gay. He talked about how free he feels now that he is out and doesn’t have to hide who God created him to be.That’s the key thing to accomplishing God’s will in our lives–being who God created us to be– “Nothing more, nothing less.”

As a lesbian woman with a passion for Christ, I struggled very much with this issue. I realized that while I was giving attention to my sexuality I was not giving the deserved attention to God. This had to change, and slowly it has. Coming full circle of who I am has released a new me that I never knew I could bring out. I feel this great energy to tell people ALL that I am in Christ. Every day God reveals to me another aspect of me that shows how strong, resilient and powerful I am–in HIM.

If you haven’t done so yet, I ask you all who are reading this, release the TRUE you. Whatever it is that you are holding back or hiding because of what “people” think–RELEASE IT! Be the man or woman that God created you to be! How do you know who or what that is? Well, ask God to reveal it to you, every day.

You will have days of struggle, but once you are determined to please God and not people, each day will be easier. Pray daily, reach out to a support group, do whatever you need to do to walk proud of being whatever God created you to be. It’s the best feeling ever! Only when you accomplish this can you move on to the next great journey in your Spiritual walk. Remember, the Bible says in Luke 12:48: “Great gifts mean great responsibilities”! It’s our duty to be who God created us to be–NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS. If we don’t, we are not pleasing God.

Written by: Barbara González

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