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“Bringing the Bible to Life!” Bible Study: Wednesdays at 7PM


Our Current Bible Study Topic Begins June 15th at 7PM:

“Characters of the Old Testament”

During this 13-week study, we will read about various people in the Old Testament. We will discuss what they teach us about ourselves and God. You can join us any Wednesday for the discussion. (We will post each week’s  character and questions for discussion.)

Week 1: Old Testament Bible Characters Introduction

Questions for You to Contemplate:

What do you know about God as you have read the Old Testament? I guess I should ask first, “HAVE you read the Old Testament” 😊

What characteristics of God do you see in the Old Testament?

What characters do you know from the Old Testament?

What are some of your favorite stories from the Old Testament?

What would you like to learn from this Bible Study?

Week 2: Jonah

Read Jonah 1:1-3:3, reflect on the following questions and be prepared to discuss.

What does God command Jonah to do and why?

Nineveh, the of the Assyrian Empire, was the most feared and hated of Israel’s oppressors. How does this help us understand Jonah’s response?

When have you been tempted to run from God?

At the time, Tarshish was known to be at the opposite end of the world. Why did you think Jonah choose to run there?

What affect did the storm have on the sailors and Jonah?

In what ways does God get your attention when you run from Him?

Why must we often sink so low before we have a change of heart?

How do you think Jonah felt after being vomited up on shore and God coming to Him a second time to do what He asked?

Has God ever come to you “a second time” in your life?

What do we learn about God and His character in this story of Jonah?

Week 3: Hannah

Read I Samuel 2, reflect on the following questions and be prepared to discuss.

How do you think it made Hannah feel to live in the same house with the other wife and children?

Explain the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects this ordeal had on Hannah?

How might you feel if you were in Hannah’s situation?

How desperate you do think Hannah was to have a child? (verse 11) Why do you think God allow us to reach such a point of despair?

What crisis or stresses are causing to you pray out of pain, like Hannah did, at this time?

Hannah’s son, Samuel, was a great prophet for God. How have you seen God turn a hopeless situation into great good?

What do we learn about God and His character in this story of Hannah?

Week 4: Samuel

Read I Samuel 3, reflect on the following questions and be prepared to discuss.

Why do you think Samuel has difficulty distinguishing God’s voice from Eli (verses 4-8)?

What do you think Samuel thought of what Eli told him to do (verses 9-10)

Why is the attitude of “speak, for your servant is listening” important in order to hear from God?

How open are you to be a “servant who is listening”?

What was the message God gave Samuel? Would this have been a hard message to hear?

What is the biggest obstacle you face when hearing from God?

In what ways does Samuel provide an example for you and you relationship with God?

What steps can you take to be more attentive to God and what He has to say?

What do we learn about God and his character in the story of Samuel?

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