What People Say About Us

What Our Congregation Says:

“We are church family with believers in God and each other. We support each other.”

“This church can become a family for those who have none here. To be there for others.”

“The smiles and welcoming spirit of everyone here.”

“Congregational driven.”

“Not stuffy, relevant.”

“Support and friendship from the entire congregation.”

“Small church atmosphere.”

“I feel welcomed with support and love.”

“Everyone makes me feel welcome.”

“Small group connection.”

“Contemporary music.”

“Bible teaching.”

“Non-condemning. Welcome to all.”

“The people are authentic and welcoming.”

“God’s presence!”

“Contemporary worship.”

“Personal and loving congregation.”

“Service to community and to each other.”

“Spiritual, Spirit filled.”


“Personable family friendly church specializing in accepting of all people and family types.”

“Small family church.”

“Small church love.”

“The Pastor’s sermons.”

“The church family.”

“The church for all and all for the church.”

“The loving people and the hugs given.”

“The time people spend going the extra mile for others.”

“God is here.”

“The personal touch.”

“Prayer at Communion.”

“Pastoral teaching approach.”

“A church that appreciates and uses the gifts and strengths of its members to do good in the church and in the community.”

“Open and accepting of everyone.”

“Bible based teaching.”

Thank you for supporting our ministries!