Missionary Tia Gayle with ChildrenGayle Schultes serves as our Missionary to the Dominica Orphanage & School, Cornerstone Church in La Urena and assists with the Children’s Feeding & Education Programs in El Tamarindo. Because many of the children are orphans, and others are too poor to be fed or educated by their parents, we have sent financial donations to help feed, clothe and educate the children since 1993.

Along with Rev. Fransisco Barrera, Gayle helps provide Spiritual guidance to the children and surrounding community. She also distributes food, clothing, school supplies, and other basic life necessities to orphans and local families.

Gayle also coordinates Mission trips with a wide variety of church groups, organizations, and individuals. Together, we can all help improve the quality of these children’s lives!

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Listen to Betty Gomez who was once an orphan in La Urena and has moved to America. Hear how her life was transformed because of God and our mission work!

Listen to “Betty’s Visit from the Dominican Republic”

Click here to see the School/Orphanage on YouTube: Dominica School

Listen: Message from Missionary Gayle Schultes

Listen to the Children Sing: “Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Help Us Help More Children and their families in the Dominican Republic! Through Your Generosity, We Can Make a Difference! Financial Donations Are Gratefully Accepted!

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You Can Make a Difference In the Life of a Child!

Christ the Cornerstone Church & Dominica Orphanage & School have joined together to provide for the physical, educational and spiritual needs of the children of La Urena, Dominican Republic.

Christ the Cornerstone Church helps to support the Dominica Orphanage & School by sponsoring children, sending financial aid, clothing, school supplies and various other necessities of daily living. We have a full-time volunteer missionary on-site at the school and we sponsor mission trips to the school as often as funds will allow, including children from our own congregation who voluntarily give up their time during summer break to experience mission work first-hand.

A Ministry of Love – Support is needed to continue providing basic needs to the children of Dominica School. The children are orphaned, abandoned, or come from families that can no longer provide their basic needs. Sponsors are needed to make a difference by providing funds for care, shelter and education.

The Only Means of Support – Unlike the United States there is no government assistance for the homeless and poor. The Dominica School reaches over 200 children in the community. The school serves a meal consisting of milk, bread and sometimes fruit. They depend on support from people like you.

Education is Key – We know and believe that education – academic, vocational, and spiritual are key in assuring these children an opportunity to stop the cycle of poverty. By providing academic and vocational education, we offer the children a better chance to find employment and a brighter future. Spiritual education assures that the children know God loves them and they are valuable human beings who deserve to live with dignity and respect.

Any donation will help and is greatly appreciated!

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