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Pastor Joyce Stone

“No Objections!”

“A Little Goes A Long Way!”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“Living Stones”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Stay Calm!”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“Truth or Consequences”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“That’s the Spirit!”

“Then What?”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“Breath of Life”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Out We Go!”

“The Tomb Is Empty!”

“What An Entrance!’

“What A Day!”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“Living In the Light”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“Get the Cobwebs Out!”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Help ‘Em Out!”Pastor Tash Nelson

“Transformation”Pastor Joyce Stone

“Attention Please!”

“Grace Is Greater”

“Take the High Road”

“The ABC’s of Change”

“Need A Breakthrough?”

“Routine Ruiner”

“Lessons from the Wise Men”




Pastor Joyce Stone

“New Year, New You”

Why Us?”

“Plenty Leftover”

“Know Pain, Know Gain”

“The Lord Needs You”

“Use What You Have”

“If You Say So’

“Anyone Will Do!”

“No Ifs, Ands, or Buts!”

“Now What?!”

“Lighten Up!”

“What Do You Need?”

“Wait for It…”

“No Words Necessary”

“Speak Up!”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“Good Grief”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Out of the Ordinary”

“In an Instant!”

“Need Peace?”

“What a Divine Meeting!”

“Now Do You See?”

“Independence Day” 

“Humbly Proud”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“But Then…”

“The Unwelcome Guest”

“Out of Breath?”

“Out It Goes!”

“Spread It Out!”

“Go With the Flow!”

“Use the Crosswalk!”

“Now What?”

“Now Do You Get It?”

“Out of the Tomb!” Easter Sunrise Service 

“It’s Show and Tell Time!”

“That’ll Show ‘Em!”

“Time For A Change?”

“Living the Life?”

“Up & At ‘Em!”


“Do What?!”

“No Doubt About It!”

“Are You a 3%-er?”

“First Things First”

“Make It Last!”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“The Reason for Pain”

“What a Guy!”

“Clear the Mechanism!”

“Be Determined and Unwavering”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Wait and See!”

“What About You?”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“Are Ya Willing?”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Gotta Have It?”

“Take a Seat!”

“Time to Change”

“What an Encounter!”

“Get Rid of It!”

“Got a Giant Problem?”

“What Do They See?”

“Better Believe It!”

“Bury the Hatchet!”

“Ready for a Change?”

“Stop…and Think!”

“What’s Your Opinion?

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“Are Ya Willing?”

“Perfectly Imperfect”

“The Ultimate Fixer”


Pastor Joyce Stone

“Cut It Out!”

“Boldly Go!”

“Choices, Choices!”

“Want to Know How?”

“God, Not That!”

“Do It Now!”

“Ready When You Are!”

“All Bent Out of Shape?”

“That Covers It”

“What’s New?”

“Two Words Can Change Everything!”

“Keep An Eye Out!”

“In It For the Long Haul?


“Rise & Shine!”

“From, To”

“Where’d He Go?!”

“Look What God Did!”

“Lay Them Down!”

“Ready to Be Free?”

“Let’s Reflect”

“Yes, You, And How!”

“Now, Then”

“Drop It!”

“Ready to Get In Shape?”

“Sow What?”

“Do You Give 100%?”

“We’ve Got You Covered”

“Let’s Get the Nots Out!”

“No Ifs, Ands or Buts!”

“First Things First”

“That’s a Big If!”

“No Exclusions!”

“Extreme Home Makeover”

“Let’s Be Word Watchers!”

“Ready for the New Year?”

“Stay in the Crosswalk!”

“Be My Guest!”

“What Joy!”

“All Fixed?”

“Want the Perfect Gift?”

“Are You Hopeful?”

“Need A Faith Lift?”

“Fill ‘Em Up!”

“Need Some TLC?”

“Put It Out There!”

“Get Up and Get a Move On!”

“You’re a Godsend!”

“Anything Good?”

“Yes, Really!”

“Not Your Battle”

“Remember When”

“Bend and Stretch!”

“What’s Best in the Long Run?”

“Throw ‘Em a Lifeline!”

“Speak Up!”

“What a Comeback!”

“Oh No!”

“God Said So!”

“Dry As A Bone?”

“Are We There Yet?!”

“Going Fishing?”

“Follow the Three Day Rule”

“Where’d He Go?!”

“Happy Passover!”

“You Think That’s Something?!”

“Quite A Dinner!” 

“We’re At a Standstill”

“Who Knew?!”

“Gimme Five!”

“We’re All in the Same Boat”

“Get Outta There!”

“One More Thing”

“Go Above and Beyond!”

“How’d That Happen?!”

“It’s Show Time!”

“The Long and Short of It”

“You Don’t Say!”

“Follow the Leader!”

“Our 2020 Vision”

“Ready, Set, Go!”

“Now That’s Joy!

“What a Great Gift!”

“How Is That?!”

“Why Not?!”

“Think About It!”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“How Do You Fight Your Battles?”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Never Settle for Less”

“Stay on the Right Path”

“The Same, But Different”

“What Did You Do With It?”

“Way to Worship!”

“The Power of One”

“How To Win Life’s Battles”

“So, What’s New With You?”

“Get a Fresh Start”

“What Do You Need?”

“What’s Next?”

“It’s Resurrection Day!”

“We Are Christ’s Ambassadors”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“Decisions, Decisions”

“In the Beginning and the Conclusion”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“Dreamer Joe”

“Through God We Persevere”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Lighten Up!”

“Out It Goes!”

“Where Have You Been?”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“What Is Lent?’

Pastor Joyce Stone

“Remember When?”

Pastor Lisa Hobbs

“Time to Break Free!”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“God Prepares and Provides for the Way”Pastor Joyce Stone

“Has It Been Long Enough?”

“Here We Go Again”

“Prepare for the Best”

“Anybody Can”

“Follow Directions”

“Running On Empty?”

“Ready for a New Way?”

“Become a HOPEaholic!”

“Little Things Mean a Lot!”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“Let’s Wise Up!”
Pastor Joyce Stone

“What Are You Looking For?”

“Get a Grip!”

“Did You Hear That?”

“What’s the Hesitation?”

“Dress for Success”

“The Long and Winding Road”

“Let’s WOW ’em!”

“Demand and Supply”

“Bloom Wherever You’re Planted”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“Trust God, All the Way Through”Pastor Joyce Stone

“Ever Wonder What God Thinks?”

“Mirror, Mirror”

“What a Turnaround!”

“Break Free!”

“And Then What?”

“Why Not?”

“What’s New with You?”

“Let’s Go!”

“See You There!”

“Ready to Unwrap?”

“What Happened?”

“What Did You Do with It?”

“You Forgot Something”

“Let’s Go Overboard!”

“You Gonna Eat That?

IMG_0190Pastor Tash Nelson

“God, Your Base Support”

“Its All About Perspective”Pastor Joyce Stone

“If You Say So”

“Be a 10%er”

“No Turning Back!”

“What Are You Looking At?”

“That’s Great!”

“Watch Your Step!”

“Get a Grip!”

IMG_0190Pastor Tash Nelson

“Get Some Rest”

PJ Preaching 10846376_10205835528864568_7125349089362533910_nPastor Joyce Stone

“Step Right Up!”

“Now What?”

“That’s the Spirit!”

“Fired Up!”

“Well, Well, Well”

IMG_0190Pastor Tash Nelson

“Who Am I? Who Are You?” by Pastor Tash 

PJ Preaching 10846376_10205835528864568_7125349089362533910_nPastor Joyce Stone

“We’re Surrounded!” by Pastor Joyce

“Watch What You Say!”

“Heard It Through the Grapevine”

“Whatever You Say”

“From a Weakling to a Warrior!”

“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

“That’s Great!”

“Hold On a Second!”

“Couldn’t Be, Could It?”

“Clear the Way!”

“Spread the Word!”

“What a Difference!”

“Think Outside the Box!”

“The Missing Peace”

“Not So Fast!”

“What Are Your Measurements?”

“Let’s Unwrap!”

“Go With the Flow!”

“Come and See!”

“Building Blocks”

“More and Less”

“Where Are You Headed?”

“Dress for Success!”

“Off We Go!”

“What Took So Long?!”

“Trusted Companions”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“In Christ We Unite”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“In the Meantime…”

“On a Wing and a Prayer!”

“Throw It Off!”

“Been There, Done That!”

“No Ifs, Ands, or Buts!”

“7 Revealing Letters”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“Seventy Times Seven, Really?!”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“And the Walls Came Tumbling Down!”

Pastor Tash Nelson

“A Wise Man Once Said”

Pastor Joyce Stone

“What Feast or Famine?!”Pastor Lisa Hobbs

“What You Think, You Create!”

PJ Preaching 10846376_10205835528864568_7125349089362533910_nPastor Joyce Stone

“That’s the Key!’

“Better Than Expected!”

“Stay and Go”

“Out We Go!”

“Rise Up!”

IMG_0190Pastor Tasha Nelson

“Meaningless! Meaningless!”

PJ Preaching 10846376_10205835528864568_7125349089362533910_nPastor Joyce Stone

“Just Get On With It”

“Love in Any Language”

“What Do You Have?”

“More or Less”

“The Peter Principle”

“Look Alive!”

“What a Parade!”

“What Faith Can Do”

“Follow the Leader!”

“What’s in a Name?”

“Keep DIgging!”

“What a Trip!”

Fully Devoted Band

3 of Jesus’ Parables by “Fully Devoted” Band

Pastor Lisa Hobbs

“Storm Preparation”

Pastor Jamie Shonk

“Workers in the Vineyard” 

“The Showstopper!” by Pastor Jamie

“Jesus Heals the Man by the Pool” by Pastor Jamie 

Pastor Tash Nelson

“Out with the Old, In with the New”

“Water to WIne” by Pastor Tash

“What a Character!” by Pastor Tash 

“What a Catch!” by Pastor TashPJ Preaching 10846376_10205835528864568_7125349089362533910_nPastor Joyce Stone

“Minimize Worry and Maximize Worship” by Pastor Joyce Stone

“Time for Some New Clothing”

“Get Up & Get a Move On!”

“No Matter What!”

“Mind Your P’s & Q’s”

“Every Step of the Way”

“No One or Nothing!”

“Take the Next Best Course of Action”

“What a Story!”

“Open the Floodgates!”

“Where Else?”

“Regret-Free Living”

‘What’s It Worth to You?”

“Is That All?”

“A Little Goes a Long Way!”

“Build Up!”

“Awesome Response Ability”

“Now What?”

“Now That’s the Spirit!”


“Never Shortchange Yourself!”

“Never Mind”

“What Do You See?”

“What’s Growing in Your Garden?”

“Take the High Road!”

“We’ll See!”

“No Laughing Matter!”

“What’s New with You?”

“What an Angel!”

“Just a Couple Feet”

“Room for More!”

“Do What?!”

“What’s the Difference?”

“Lighten Up!”

“The Rest of the Story”

“What Are You Doing Here?”

“Yet, Another Miracle!”

“Here’s Mud in Your Eye!”

“Believe It or Not”


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